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5 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

City living comes with a compromise: space. With most of us living in flats, apartments and small terraced houses, we’re constantly looking for ways to maximise space

From corner sofas that make the most of a living room’s nooks and crannies to folding dining tables and smart storage ideas - there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have space for your wardrobe, desk and everything in between. There are clever ways to create the illusion of a larger home while still storing away all your books, clothing, trinkets and textiles.

Read on for 5 tips for decorating small rooms, and watch your space be transformed.

1. Done In One

The first step to making sure your small space is as maximised as possible is being clever with your furniture purchases. Opting for bed frames, drawers and sofas on legs means that you have space below to store away those essential items that you don’t want on show. Alternatively, investing in pieces that serve dual functions will save you space and cash. Yamazaki’s side table offers a shelf space below the tabletop, perfect for storing books and magazines. Mustard Made’s storage lockers also make great bedside tables or sideboards - think discrete storage that doubles up as a TV stand and comes in an array of bold colours. Unsure where to store your bathroom toiletries? A Wireworks wall mirror that acts as a cabinet with shelving will leave you more space for plants and anything else that makes the room feel like your sanctuary.

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2. Let There Be Light

The last thing you want to do in a small living room is add a huge arching floor lamp that takes up unnecessary space. Additionally, a large pendant ceiling light will make the room feel more enclosed. Make use of the walls to add light to open up the space. A fixed shelving unit is the perfect place to add a battery powered lamp that can be moved around easily. HAY’s PC lamp looks smart and creates a warm, cosy glow for evenings at home. You want to ensure that the room catches the light as much as possible. A large mirror with an interesting shape from Hubsch will add decoration as well as create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. If you want to go one step further, glass objects such as vases and frames on shelves will have a similar effect.

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3. In The Frame

Adding pops of colour through art prints to plain walls will add depth to the room, creating the feeling of a larger space. Curate a gallery wall by mixing and matching an array of prints that match your aesthetic. Be careful not to add too many colours as this will draw too much attention - subtlety is key here. If painterly florals are your thing, Carla Llanos offers bold, hand-painted illustrations. How about your favourite drink? PSTR Studio’s cocktail prints are guaranteed to add personality.

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4. Let Go

This may sound obvious but it’s time to say goodbye to hoarding and part ways with those objects that are taking up too much space and serve no function. If you’ve recently downsized and have large pieces of furniture, consider renting a storage unit and replacing your large sofa with a sofa bed that will come in handy when you have guests staying over. Built up a vase collection? Consider how many you really need and can realistically store away. Those excess pieces will make great gifts for loved ones.

5. Go Bold

Perhaps the most fun way to detract from your small space is to go bold with your furnishings and create a talking point for guests. Playing around with textures and colours to create a space as unique as you will be a fun DIY venture and add tonnes of personality to the room. &klevering’s colourful checked frames and HAY’s bright storage crates will instantly bring joy to your space.

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