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Our boutiques have hand-picked the best bedding around, making it easy for you to cosy up in high-quality fabrics and rest your head on plush pillow sets. Browse all your favourite brands in one place, including Garbo & Friends, Bungalow DK and Swedish Linens. Thanks to the hundreds of snug styles just landed at Trouva, from luxury quilted blankets to cotton duvet covers below, you can easily achieve next-level comfort.

Tucked Up

Getting your bedding right is arguably one of the most important steps in styling your home. After all, we do spend half our lives lying horizontal. Whether you’re decorating your own bed, guest space or a kid’s room, pick breathable natural materials that insulate in the winter and keep you cool in the summer. Once your mattress is in situ, find a soft fitted sheet. Aim for the feeling of being enveloped in a hug each time you collapse onto it.

Next, you’ll need a duvet and cover. Choose from crisp white, pastel-hued and bright patterned designs to compliment your existing decor. Plain-coloured textiles are a wise choice for those prone to frequent room makeovers; alternatively, elegant floral motifs are timeless for a reason, and will likely defy whichever trends you’re tempted toward. Drape a quilt on top to pull over you when you feel the chill prickling your skin – Ib Laursen and Projektityyny have got you covered in this department.

Pillow Talk

Add that final flourish to your bed arrangement with a collection of cushions and pillows. Hand-tufted and embroidered cushions bring a bohemian flair to even the most minimal spaces. Comfort-seeking should opt for a velvety pair, or warming wool design. Madam Stoltz, Sideline and Society of Wanderers are all reliable sources of premium pillows that are well worth investing in. Trusted Site