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About Bassal.Store

Bassal is a Barcelona based store where you will find a fine selection of local and international brands. The store has been conceived as a multidisciplinary space to enjoy and visit. Made with carpet, wood and steel, the mix of materials get together and find a magical equilibrium. Next to the Turó Park at one of Barcelona’s finest places to visit and feel the city’s life as a local surrounded of lovely café’s and shops. The neighborhood is well known for it’s 1970’s and 80’s buildings by acclaimed architects as Corsini, Coderch, Bofill and many others. Divided in two areas, the store has a double mood. Our beige zone is for relaxed and cozy clothing, made with natural fibers and smooth colors. The blue zone instead is dedicated to more colorful projects, synthetic fibers and new ways to understand fashion. Both represent our own dualism when getting dressed and how different ways to see the world may not only live together but get along.

From the founder

"Quality must be always in our mind when buying. Only then we will be completely satisfied."