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8 Ways to Make Your Home Cosy

Hunker down and get cosy. From fluffy textures to mood lighting, read on for our guide to getting ready for darker nights and cosy evenings at home.

When the cold weather sets in and social plans make their way indoors, we all want to make our homes a space to relax, unwind and settle into cosy season.

Cosying up our spaces and hunkering down is what autumn is all about. From adding soft textures (think woolly blankets and cosy slippers) and softer lighting, to calming scented candles, there are small additions we can all make to achieve a cosy space, with minimal effort.

Grab a cuppa and read on for our guide of 10 easy ways to combat the seasonal blues and make your home cosy for autumn, winter and beyond.

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Let There be Lighting

Lighting is the key to cosy. Soft bulbs, warm shades and up lighting all help create a calm and cosy atmosphere. Turn off the harsh ceiling lights and invest in table lamps that you can strategically place in the room. Opt for softer bulbs, or simply add a textured or warm-toned shade to up the cosy. One of our favourites for a soft diffused glow? The HAY Rice Paper Lampshades. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, they’re a great choice for any room.

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Super Soft Furnishings

Cushions, throws and blankets are the ultimate way to crank up the cosy factor in your home. When it comes to cushions, we say more is more. Pile them high on your sofa, armchair or bed to create a layered, textured look. The more mismatched the better - we love statement brands like Goods of May and Afroart experiment with different fabrics and designs for maximum cosy impact. Fabrics like velvet and chenille add a touch of opulence while sheepskin and wool are the ultimate fabrics to add warmth.

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Candles Galore

Candles are essential for anyone looking to bring more cosiness into their space. Not only do they cast a cosy glow to warm up a space, but if you opt for scented candles, then you can also scentscape, creating different aromas in various spaces in your home. From sculptural candles in all sorts of designs to tapered dinner candles from brands such as British Colour Standard with colours to match any aesthetic, you can’t go far wrong. Just remember to blow them out before you go to bed…

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Cosy Scents

On the theme of scents, we love Earl of East for a scented candle. Smell is one of our most powerful senses which has the capacity to conjure up vivid memories and feelings, and is perfect for creating a cosy home environment. Woody aromas recall a crisp alpine forest or a woody fire. Warm, exotic scents transport you away from cold, miserable winters to exotic lands. While scented candles are an obvious cosy choice thanks to their warming qualities, scent diffusers and room sprays work just as well. Lavender scents have de-stressing, calming qualities. A spritz of lavender room spray will help you unwind and recharge after a long day at work or battling the harsh winter weather. For a sagey, natural scent, burning smudge sticks, palo santo or incense loaded with essential oils will not only leave a lingering scent, but cleanse your spaces of negative and lethargic energy. Try Parigotte or Palm of Feronia – they’re perfect for anyone suffering from seasonal cabin fever.

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A Cosy Colour Palette

The psychology of colour and the effect that certain colours can have on the mood and energy of a space has been well-documented. Cool, calm colours are known to aid relaxation in a bedroom or bathroom, while warm, reddish hues are great for spaces like the dining room to encourage and stimulate conversation. In search of cosiness at home, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to cool versus warm toned wall colours. When choosing wall colours for optimum cosiness, consider the depth and richness of the colour rather than the tone. Deep, rich colours create cocoon-like effects that work perfectly during cold winter months when you want to feel as far away from the outside world as possible.

It’s All in the Details

In terms of accessorising for peak cosiness at home, add natural textures to help create depth and earthiness. Think warm tones woods, rattan and wicker for bathroom storage to soften the harsh lines and cold feel of tiles. Our go-to brands repping the bohemian vibe include Aarven, Uma Cantik and Madam Stoltz. In the kitchen, hang your chopping boards on the wall or you pans from a rail to create a statement, and add natural textures as a bonus. In the living room consider a high pile rug to sink your toes into, or slubbed cotton or velvet curtains to add drama.

Home is Where the Art is

An easy way to cosy up a rented space that can’t be modified is to hang art on the walls. From minimalist line drawings to abstract brushwork and black and white photography, there is an option for any aesthetic. Try Fine Little Day as a great middle ground here with their soft tones and heavy brushstrokes. As well as being a great way to fill vast walls with warmer toned colours, it’s also an ideal solution when looking to inject personality into a rented home. If you make your home your own, the cosiness will come.

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Bring The Outside In

Not only can plants help add colour and texture to a room, but they also act as a mood booster purifying the air, helping to create a calming environment. Also a bonus, they remind us of sunnier days and warmer climes. Fill a bathroom with foliage akin to the rainforest or add leafy textures to your living room as a contrast against your softer, fluffier textures to help create depth.

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