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10 Ways to Decorate a Kid’s Room

Forget passing trends, the trick to decorating your kids’ bedroom is to tap into your own inner child.

Grab the paintbrushes...

This is your chance to play around with print, pattern and colour in a way that you wouldn’t elsewhere in the house.

So, what should you include in a child’s bedroom? Beyond the essentials, it’s important that your child’s room reflects their personality and captures their imagination. Are they an avid reader? Make a creative space to stack their books. Do they dream of becoming an artist? Paint a mural on a feature wall. Teenagers might want a place to share with their friends, while colourful decor from brands like Sass & Belle add a little grown-up aesthetic to their sanctuary.

Read on to discover our top 10 tips for decorating a kids’ bedroom, from picking paint to smart storage solutions, for your toddlers, teens and inbetweens.

Back to the Wall

Keep them white or add a wash of colour, we recommend Annie Sloan for high quality pigmented paint. Why not mix in a feature wall? Instead of wallpaper that’s tough on surfaces, opt for a gallery wall with a mix of art that can be updated as often as your kid’s interests evolve.

Storage Solutions

Box it up! From your little one’s toys to your tween’s consoles, baskets, containers and trays work a treat for tidying a space. HAY crates can be stacked high or lined up low for easy reach. Coming in every colour you might need, all those loose nick nacks will look tidy and contemporary.

Second Chances

On a budget? It’s great to shop second hand and upscale pieces yourself. It’s amazing what you can salvage online and make look brand new with a lick of paint. Gone are the days of buying expensive flatpack furniture and begrudgingly building it for hours.

Pretty as a Picture

Prints and posters are a great way of adding personality to your child’s bedroom. Go for colourful accents that can be replicated in the soft furnishings to bring the room together. The Poster Club is great for sourcing bold graphics and colourful shapes for your teenager.

Icing on the Cake

To dress up plain walls, opt for non-permanent decorations such as bunting and wall stickers that can be updated to suit your child’s taste. Think about adding a statement mirror to teenagers’ bedrooms as well as a pinboard to equip the room for homework and revision.


Shine Bright

It’s not just about the ceiling when it comes to lighting a child’s bedroom. Think about usage: fairy lights) to create a soft, magical atmosphere for playing with toys, a desk lamp for reading and a night light for young children to get them off to sleep if they’re afraid of the dark.

Hanging Out

Kids’ bedrooms are made to be played in, so create areas that can be shared with their siblings and friends. Tents create an element of privacy for when your child needs some alone time, whereas beanbags and soft chairs create a space that encourages reading.

Softly Does It

Create a warm and secure environment for your child with soft blankets, patterned rugs and cushions. Playing around with different textures, especially for babies and younger children, helps them to learn through touch.

Done in One

Think about what you’re buying and how it can be multi-purpose. For example, a bed frame that has embedded storage or a chest of drawers that doubles as a baby changing station will save you space and limit clutter.

Hit the Roof

Besides the light fitting, ceilings are great for hanging decorative accessories that make your child feel safe. Calming mobiles and reassuring dream catchers will help your little one get some shut eye without fear of any monsters hiding under the bed. Trusted Site