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5 Ways to Make an Entrance with Hallway Decor

Often forgotten but the first thing your guests see, your hallway deserves to be more than a corridor and shoe station. It’s time for the great hallway update

The humble hallway often gets overlooked, either because it's a shared space or we're so focused on making our core spaces look their best. We want to help change that with a staircase full of ideas that help your hallway reach new modern heights. Whether the rest of your home is bold and bright, mid century modern or bohemian, your hallway will be guaranteed to make an entrance with our 5 tips below.

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1. The Basics

Keep clutter to a minimum with efficient storage solutions to look after your coats, shoes, keys, wallet and anything else that might be taking up your hallway space. Yamazaki is your new best friend when it comes to minimalist shoe racks and coat hooks that are subtle, functional and don’t cost the earth. Always forgetting your essentials when leaving the house? Consider a table or shelf that holds a colourful HAY crate in which you can store all those little things that are easily misplaced.

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2. Mirror, Mirror

Are you someone who always wants a last minute outfit check when leaving the house, or perhaps you just want something that attracts the light? A statement mirror is a hallway must-have, as it works wonders in creating the illusion of more space. From Grand Illusions’ large arched antique style mirrors to &klevering’s colourful, abstract shape designs, there’s a mirror for every hallway. Consider the placement of your mirror too, so that it works best with your light source.

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3. The Staircase

If you live in a multi-storey home, think about what you can add to make your staircase pop. Keeping the stairs bare and polishing the wood will create a rustic, bohemian feel, while a tufted carpet will feel cosy and depending on the colour you choose, add character and oomph to the space. Don’t let the top of the stairs become lacklustre - a statement vase or a plant in a decorative pot will feel inviting.

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4. Poster Club

Don’t waste a good wall. If there’s space for a print, hang it. From fun, tongue-in-cheek slogans that will make an impact, to painterly illustrations that evoke meaning; here is the place to be bold with your wall art. Want guests to get a great first impression? Consider artfully curating a gallery wall that combines a range of prints to capture your every taste.

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5. Floor It

Make sure your hallway decor is considered from ceiling to floor. The first thing to think about is where you’ll wipe your feet when you first enter. Anorak’s kitsch leopard door mats are an instant mood booster, however, if you prefer something more understated, Garden Trading’s jute mats are minimalist and durable for all weather. A slim runner will elongate the hallway, creating the illusion of more space. Madam Stoltz’ bohemian inspired tufted rugs will instantly add a cosy, warm feel.

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