Rachel Entwistle

About Rachel Entwistle

Multi award winning jewellery designer Rachel Entwistle creates luxurious narrative jewellery infused with significance and meaning. Inspired by culture, symbolism and the arcane, the designs connect the wearer to something intangible and timeless and yet grounded in a deep sense of history. Drawing on ancient concepts of amulets, talismans and protective symbolism, whilst embodying the urban culture of her East London surroundings, Rachel creates distinctive, beautifully made and covetable designs for a modern tribe. Each piece is crafted by hand in her Shoreditch based studio using a combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship - the team work like modern day alchemists turning metal into magical designs. Rachel works with precious metals, bronze and gem stones and uses ethically sourced and recycled materials where possible.

From the founder

Rachel launches her flagship boutique atelier in July 2015. The boutique situated in the heart of Shoreditch, East London was formerly known as Thor & Wistle. The Rachel Entwistle Studio is based here and the full range of RE designs as well as one off pieces are exhibited in the space.

Rachel Entwistle Large Gold vermeil Astral Signet Ring


Rachel Entwistle Gold Vermeil Astral Signet Ring


Rachel Entwistle Labradorite Interstellar Ring


Rachel Entwistle Black Onyx Interstellar Ring


Rachel Entwistle Gold vermeil Astral Signet Ring


Rachel Entwistle Green Onyx Interstellar Ring