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About Rachel Entwistle

Entwistle jewellery is a means of self-expression – a way of communicating who we are, what’s important to us, and our relationship to the world around us. Every piece adds layers to the story as we give and receive, pass on and hand down; creating narrative threads that weave together mother earth, cultural symbols, designers, makers and wearers. We seek to bring the community together through this shared narrative - the narrative of unity and common good, not partisan politics and division. For us jewellery is about connection to the bigger story. The story of us. We believe in cherishing things and passing them on, creating layers of meaning over time. We don’t believe in seasonal throwaway design but in creating jewellery that will last and be loved for years. So, we make well-crafted jewellery that lasts and use recycled metals wherever we can – even the cut-offs and metal dust from our workshop is recycled.

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From the founder

Rachel Entwistle is the award-winning designer and founder of Rachel Entwistle® Jewellery. Rachel has studios in Shoreditch London and at her home in Ibiza. Rachel grew up in a family of bohemian creators. To her, life revolved around inspiration, creativity, freedom, and being together in nature. She has always been fascinated by the cultural narratives and symbolism of tangible objects, feeling the connection to people in faraway places with different histories. Jewellery design is a way for her to tell these stories, weaving them together in order to create connections – connections that both bind us together as human beings and free us; teaching us our history, giving deeper meaning to our own journey in life and bringing us closer to each other. Trusted Site