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3 Kids Boutiques on Keeping Little Ones Entertained at Easter

Last updated March 30

Date created October 13

In need of a little inspiration for kids activities this Easter? Read on to hear tips and traditions from the owners of 3 of our kids boutiques.

With egg hunts, time off school and chocolate galore, the Easter holidays are great for kids, but can be a little stressful for us adults. Between getting the family together for an Easter roast and filling the 2 week school break with endless activities, it’s hard to know how to keep everyone entertained and happy. Looking for some inspiration? Rest easy. We’ve called on the experts, the owners of some of our key kids boutiques, to give us their top tips on keeping little ones busy over Easter. From crafting ideas to Easter baking, egg hunts and even getting the kids involved in hosting duties, read on to hear their go-to traditions for a less stressful seasonal break.

Hop Like A Bunny

“Creative time is key." says Phoebe, co-founder of London-basedHop Like a Bunny. "Whether it’s egg painting, Easter baking - we love making chocolate nests - or spending some time creating Easter artwork, it’s great to get stuck in and get your hands dirty. At our house, we love to have an Easter Sunday roast where we all dress up in some Easter outfits! Lots of gingham, bunny ears and bonnets. Check out our Meri Meri dress up for a fabulous dress up Sunday Lunch and also our Candy House chocolate eggs and goodies to complete the perfect Easter egg hunt.”

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Acorn & Pip

“Get outside if you can!" suggests Lucy, owner of Huddersfield-based Acorn & Pip. "Find your nearest farm and go and see the lambs, this is such a lovely time to see a farm in all its glory, or try a spring scavenger hunt. You could write 10 nature clues on a piece of paper and have the little ones tick them off when you’re off on a walk.

For our Easter, we always do a super over the top Easter Egg hunt with clues, more chocolate than you can ever need and lots of little treats thrown in too. Our Sun Jellies bags are so good for collecting chocolates on Easter egg hunts - just look how cute the mini ones are!”

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Radish Loves

“On Easter morning, we head out of the little gate at the end of our garden in our pyjamas and have an Easter egg hunt in the field behind our house, it’s such a lovely tradition." says Amy, owner of Radish Loves in Wiltshire.

"Every year we also hard boil eggs and decorate them with lots of bright coloured designs, then have an egg rolling competition down the hill by our house - the kids love it! Have you seen our Mimi & Lula Bunny Easter Basket? So sweet it’s hard to resist, and perfect for both of those activities.”

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