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Alphabet Cards

Designed by
Wee Gallery
    Wee Gallery Alphabet CardsWee Gallery Alphabet CardsWee Gallery Alphabet Cards

Wee Gallery Animal Alphabet Cards are the perfect gift for newborn baby, toddler, or any age in between. The high-contrast animal illustrations create a mesmerizing display for babies, while the bold letters create a delightful alphabet learning experience for older children. These sturdy 10×15 cm cards are durable and matte laminated with rounded corners. Each card features a Wee Gallery animal on one side and a sans serif letter on the other.

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Wee Gallery create modern and whimsical toys and infant goods, as well as nursery room décor, all in the brand’s distinctive monochrome palette - that’s sometimes accented with considered brights to bring a piece to life. Their bold and attractive designs not only look lovely, but are designed to stimulate baby and toddler development, as infants are drawn to simple, repeating geometric shapes in black and white. The couple behind the brand is Surya, a graphic designer with a background in chemistry, botany and zoology, and Dave, a teacher, who’s fascinated by the idea of developing baby’s brains by playing with visuals.

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