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Earth On Top Mini Sculpture AC-21

Designed by
Kosta Boda
    Kosta Boda  Earth On Top Mini Sculpture AC-21Kosta Boda  Earth On Top Mini Sculpture AC-21

Design by Bertil Vallien

Designed for Swedish glassworks Kosta Boda by world-renowned designer and glass artist Bertil Vallien, Earth On Top Sculpture Mini belongs to a series representing the universe that the artist inhabits. Full of symbolism and imagery, Vallien's intriguing creations all tell a story that is always open to interpretation and will no doubt invite discussion. Earth On Top Mini, the latest addition to the series, reflects the world very simply in clear glass with light air bubbles and a golden house atop.

The Scandinavian Shop has been sharing its passion for Swedish brand Kosta Boda since our early days in the 1970s, by which time they were already well established at the forefront of glassware and art glass design. Founded in 1742, Kosta Boda still maintains their worldwide reputation for producing beautiful and innovative pieces from their glassworks in the heart of the Swedish forests. Their continued success lies in an ability to fine-tune the traditional techniques of the craft while exploring the advantages of technology. They have also placed great emphasis on the close relationship between a highly-skilled team of craftspeople and some of the world's most distinguished designers of glass; a perfect recipe for a unique collection of glassware that will be cherished worldwide for years to come.

Size: W6.5 x H6cm Hand Made Glass

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Step into the world of Kosta Boda, where artistry and glass craftsmanship merge in a symphony of colour and form. Founded in Sweden, this iconic brand is renowned for its unique glass art and crystal creations. From glass sculptures to standout tableware, Kosta Boda transforms everyday objects into timeless works of art. Each creation is a testament to the rich tradition of Swedish craftsmanship, blending innovation and tradition seamlessly.

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Width: 6.5cm


Height: 6cm

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Earth On Top Mini Sculpture AC-21

Designed by
Kosta Boda
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