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Block Azure Moon Sculpture

Designed by
Kosta Boda
    Kosta Boda  Block Azure Moon SculptureKosta Boda  Block Azure Moon Sculpture

Designed for Kosta Boda by Sweden's most internationally celebrated glass artist Bertil Vallien, the Block Azure collection of sculptures spring from the mystical, dreamlike and symbolic world of motifs which inspires his imagination and influences the creative process, or 'investigation' as he describes it, carried out in collaboration with a close team of colleagues with whom he has worked for many years. In his Azure Man, Vallien presents us with a mystery in the form a face and moon frozen within a sand-cast block of striking blue glass.

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Step into the world of Kosta Boda, where artistry and glass craftsmanship merge in a symphony of colour and form. Founded in Sweden, this iconic brand is renowned for its unique glass art and crystal creations. From glass sculptures to standout tableware, Kosta Boda transforms everyday objects into timeless works of art. Each creation is a testament to the rich tradition of Swedish craftsmanship, blending innovation and tradition seamlessly.

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Width: 15cm


Height: 15cm

Care instructions

Clean with damp cloth

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Block Azure Moon Sculpture

Designed by
Kosta Boda
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