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Bertil Vallien Brains Inside Matters

Designed by
Kosta Boda
    Kosta Boda  Bertil Vallien Brains Inside MattersKosta Boda  Bertil Vallien Brains Inside MattersKosta Boda  Bertil Vallien Brains Inside Matters

Design by Bertil Vallien

A recent petite addition to the Kosta Boda Brains family, the Inside Matters sculptured glass head is designed for the Swedish glassworks by renowned glass artist Bertil Vallien and skillfully hand-crafted at their glassworks in Småland. Carefully shaped by hand in the hot shop, the piece is then cut before being highly polished.

Vallien takes inspiration for the Brains collection from the story of a young woman, Karolina Olsson, who one winter day in 1876 on her way home across the ice between the mainland and Öland slipped and hit her head. The next morning she woke up, fell asleep again and did not wake up again until 1908. Of course by the time she had re-awakened, her mother was gone, her two brothers had drowned and Sweden had separated from Norway. All Karolina could remember of her time beneath the ice was a great darkness and the faces of blue men. It is from this image that Vallien's Brains were born - many have been created since the 1980s, one of them is named Karolina.

The smaller-scale Brains are designed to be close at hand - they can sit on the table beside you as you work or sleep, you can easily enclose one in your hand or pack in a bag as a travel companion - beautiful to look at and relaxing to hold.

Size: H7.5 x L4.5 x W5.4cm

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Step into the world of Kosta Boda, where artistry and glass craftsmanship merge in a symphony of colour and form. Founded in Sweden, this iconic brand is renowned for its unique glass art and crystal creations. From glass sculptures to standout tableware, Kosta Boda transforms everyday objects into timeless works of art. Each creation is a testament to the rich tradition of Swedish craftsmanship, blending innovation and tradition seamlessly.

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Width: 5.4cm


Length: 4.5cm


Height: 7.5cm

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth

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Bertil Vallien Brains Inside Matters

Designed by
Kosta Boda
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