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A Guide to Wabi-sabi

Connected to Japandi homewares (Scandinavian functionality with thoughtful Japanese minimalism), Wabi-sabi is the no fuss solution to your interior design.

In long-established Japanese aesthetics, the meaning of Wabi-sabi is essentially the acceptance and embracing of imperfection. The idea is that so long as something exists in nature, it holds beauty. Traditionally, if an object such as a teapot or plate was broken, craftspeople would piece it back together using gold leaf, adding a new element of perfection - a process known as Kintsugi.

These principles can easily be applied to your home decor as Wabi-sabi offers the antidote to show homes and complicated design. Unfussy in style and creating a lived-in, functional feel to the home, Wabi-sabi is the approach to interiors that will never age.

Embrace the Imperfect

The key to Wabi-sabi is making the home look and feel lived-in. There’s no room for ironing your bedding and constantly fluffing up your cushions here. If a vase in the living room doesn’t match the colour palette of everything else, let it be. This is about letting go and embracing those chips in the wood that add character to your home.

Act Natural

Nature is the highest form of beauty so ensure that your home is filled with living plants and textiles made from natural materials such as wood, wool and linen. Madam Stoltz’ selection of decorative objects are made from materials such as terracotta and their cushions and blankets are 100% cotton.

Elevate The Mundane

Wabi-sabi is about creating rituals and championing those small joys throughout the day. The easiest way to take on this trait is to consider your morning coffee. Add excitement through investing in a new mug or enhancing your technique by using a cafetiere rather than making an instant coffee. It’s all about the small pleasures.

Keep Cosy

The nature of Wabi-sabi is about making the most of what you’ve got and the home is a prime focus. As your safe space, keeping it cosy and nurturing will provide warmth and escapism from the outside world. A glowing lamp, some comfy slippers and an array of cushions and throws will make you feel protected, all while serving a function.

Stimulate the Senses

As we’re talking about beauty here, it’s important to consider what beauty is without just the eye. What can we touch, hear and smell that bring joy? Setting a mood-boosting playlist and lighting scented candles or burning incense will fully immerse you in the perfection of your space. Earl of East’s candles are inspired by the idea of Japandi with aromas such as eucalyptus and mandarin to help you unwind.

Truly Unique

The exciting aspect of Wabi-sabi is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As long as something is perfect to you, it doesn’t matter. This means that the more unique an object is in your home, the better. Look for vases, art and decor that really speaks to your personality and has a story that is individual to you. Trusted Site