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Meet the Boutique: Victoria Met Albert

Graphic designers-turned-boutique owners Will & llka set up shop in the heart of Berlin back in 2010 with the hope of engaging with their local community. “Having been involved in the buying for my parents' concept stores back in London, I liked the idea of starting up my own shop,”  Will explains, “and since this type of shop didn’t really exist in Berlin, it seemed obvious to go ahead.” And so Victoria Met Albert was born.

From best-selling brands like Baggu, to joyful Doiy Design and Bongusta, Victoria Met Albert has cultivated a house style that resonates with their immediate community and beyond. If you’re looking for a gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself, you’re sure to uncover a gem within their curated collections.

We chatted to Will about Berlin, dedicated customers,  and the importance of work life balance.

“Berlin is a little similar to Paris - there are no set shopping areas like in London, and instead there are stores in each “Kiez” (local area.). Both stores are more or less surrounded by other small businesses. We really appreciate the good relationships we have with our neighbours and support them as much as we can. These include other interior and fashion shops, as well as bakeries and restaurants - it also keeps us on our toes trading next to each other.”

“Berlin is a real cultural melting pot, and we carry on that vibe throughout our stores. They are filled with fashion and lifestyle goods from all over the world. We currently work with people from Poland, Latvia, Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Taiwan and Germany to name a few and our team is from here, there and everywhere too, just like our products. We love colours, design and diversity. It’s wise to not be in a rush when visiting our stores as there is a lot to look at, and you’ll want to soak it all in.

All of us at Victoria Met Albert love the great relationships with our customers. Lots of them are locals and some have been coming to the store since day one 12 years ago, meaning we’ve been able to build great friendships with our regulars - We’ve even been invited to a wedding once!”

“Ilka and I made a conscious choice a few years ago to not work on the weekend but to spend quality time with the kids before they get bored of us. During the week Ilka and I have a catch up after taking the kids to school, looking at our never ending to-do-list and see what is feasible that week. We like to get to the store before everyone else, whilst it’s calm and quiet, have a coffee and then crack on with our work in the back of the store.

Ilka is the brains behind merchandising. Her previous experience as a graphic designer gives her a great eye for colour, spacing and shape. Every so often she’ll completely turn over the shop, changing around the products, creating new colour combinations on shelves and tables, to make it look fresh and inspirational.”

“We mostly spend our evenings at home with the kids, or meet up with other families for a takeaway and beer.

Our colleagues’ evenings look a bit different. After a busy Saturday they start their ‘Feierabend’ or clocking off time in the Kiez, grabbing an ice cream (best vegan ice cream in town!) or drink together as a team.” Trusted Site