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5 Eclectic Decor Brands For a Unique Home

Forget passing trends: eclectic interiors is the ultimate evergreen aesthetic. How? It’s totally unique to you

From bedroom to living room, build your own one-of-a-kind space by bringing together contemporary homeware that reflects your multifaceted and ever changing tastes. The best part? There are no rules. Think of it as curated maximalism: nothing needs to match and the inspiration truly comes from whatever you’re most drawn to.

Cherry-picking the best independent brands - the maximalist and the minimal, the heritage, contemporary and handcrafted - the only thing that unites your favourite pieces is that they’re uniquely-designed. From boho rattan details to cat shaped clocks and moody coloured textiles, the characteristics of this aesthetic are endless with the only key elements being a space that is personalised, unique and lived-in.

“Celebrating uniqueness, this is influenced by many references and rebels against the ‘crowd following’ nature of society, encouraging you to break out from the norm and become unapologetically individual.” The flawsome interiors trend is all about embracing imperfections in 2023, Stylist

So, the floor is (quite literally) yours: get to know the most eclectic brands at Trouva, and mix-and-match to your heart’s content. Remember: fun is the name of the game!

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1. Anna + Nina

For cutesy slogans, bold hand painted ceramics, printed candlesticks and textiles adorned with fruit and vegetables, look to Anna + Nina. Designed to be mismatched and cherished, each piece is inspired by founders Anna de Lanoy Meijer & Nina Poot’s trips around Asia, bringing a hand-crafted artisan feel to eccentric curiosities. Best selling items include their ‘I Love You’ mug, brass floral candle holder and leopard pillar candle and are designed to make a statement in any space.

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2. &klevering

Homewares that are guaranteed to cheer you up. Season after season, &klevering manage to design a new cult favourite, from their smiley face mirror to their gingham photo frames and checkerboard vases. Designed in collaboration with young Dutch designers from their studio in Amsterdam, &klevering fuse vintage inspired shapes with trending motifs and colourful, sculptural shapes to bring something new and innovative to your home.

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3. Seletti

Not for the faint hearted, Seletti veers more on the unusual and kitsch side of the trend. With a collection of pop art inspired lamps, their cult lipstick mirror created in collaboration with Toiletpaper magazine, and exotic animal motifs; any piece from the renowned Italian brand is guaranteed to be a conversation starter in the home.

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4. Quail Ceramics

Animal lovers, rejoice. Whether you’re going for a ceramic animal sanctuary on your living room shelves or adding some farmyard favourites to your kitchenware, Quail Ceramics offer charming animal motifs across vases, salt & pepper shakers, utensil pots and more. If you like your egg cups shaped like a koala, your jug reminiscent of a chicken and your flowers held by a tabby cat, this is the brand for you.

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5. Madam Stoltz

For a more understated take on the trend, Madam Stoltz combines bohemian details with cottagecore-esque textiles and vintage inspired glassware. Celebrating local tradition and craftsmanship, their product range spans outdoor mattresses to be used as seat cushions, bamboo serveware and recycled cotton throws in an array of bold aztec prints.

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