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How To Create a Maximalist Interior

Make your space stand out with maximalism, the home decor aesthetic that we can’t get enough of. From cottagecore to ‘70s detailing, no style is too out there.

If you spend any time on TikTok or Pinterest, you may have seen searches for maximalist interior decor increase. Pinterest reports a 350% increase in the trend. Since we saw an insider view of Lily Allen and David Harbour’s mis-matched, painterly, eccentric home, we’ve been following suit and bringing more maximalist style into our living spaces.

The trick to making this interior design trend feel modern is being considered when pairing prints, textures and colours. The meaning of maximalist decor isn’t to be kitsch and outrageous; but rather extroverted and full of personality.

Read on for our guide on how to create a maximalist interior.

All Out Colour

The key to bringing that wow factor to your home is pairing unique colours. Consider creating a colour wheel to identify complementary hues that contrast and make a statement. Painting the walls will bring an instant colour pop that can be used as the basis of the room with cushions, prints, blankets and vases in contrasting shades adding to the ensemble.

Annie Sloan’s chalk paint comes in a range of shades from canary yellow to dark olive. For a bolder look, consider painting graphics and murals onto blank walls as an alternative to hanging artwork.

Print Clash

There’s no space to shy away from patterns with the maximalist trend. Clashing florals with animal print and geometric shapes? The key is to clash prints tastefully. Amuse La Bouche’s leopard cushions pair well with Projektityyny’s floral patchwork quilts because they both have ruffle detailing that creates a bold yet uniform look. If this still feels too muted for your liking, go for an eye-catching wallpaper. Making a feature wall or covering the entire room will bring in your personality and add depth to the space.

Layer It Up

Playing around with textures is an easy win when creating a maximalist space. If you have a wooden bookcase in the living room, consider a tiled or glass coffee table to bring in a new element. Similarly, create a statement array of cushions on the sofa and bed. Look for a range of fabrics from linen to faux fur and cotton. Consider different shapes and sizes for maximum effect, from bolsters to large square cushions and smaller rectangular ones.

Bold Accents

Maximalism is all about embracing the grandeur. How can you elevate those basic items in the home to make them a centrepiece? Look for lighting that is out of the ordinary, whether you want something joyful like Mr Maria’s smiley lamp or an elegant feather shade to add impact. Upgrade your wooden armchair to a bold and bright Moustache chair that will pique guests’ interest.

Statement Pieces

Fill your space with unique objects that will create a talking point and bring you joy. Anna + Nina, Rice and &klevering all offer a range of vases, candle holders and tableware that can be mis-matched with your existing pieces, and will bring a kitsch feel to the home. Look for sculptural shapes and decorative details. The idea is to create an element of surprise. Trusted Site