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5 Line Artists to Follow on Instagram

From line paintings to ceramics and tattoos, line art is having a moment once again and it’s all over our Instagram feed.

Inspired by the works of Matisse and Picasso, abstract line artists are having a revival thanks to simple, continuous lines that make for beautiful imagery.

A new generation of independent creatives are working across multi-media outlets to create refreshing prints, decor and trinkets for the home. Read on to discover our top 5 to follow on Instagram right now.

1. Ruby Hughes

Pasta and wine aficionados, unite. Ruby Hughes’ abstract large scale prints get right to the heart of dining with friends. With curly wurly faces and pouting lips sipping their favourite drink, these are the playful pieces of art that remind us of friendship, summer evenings and hearty meals. Between her famous works, her Instagram grid is filled with colour coordinated outfits, foodie photos and interior snaps.

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2. Liv & Dom

Twin sisters Liv and Dom work from their studio in Lewes to create ceramics that are scribbled with their abstract line drawings. Their main focus is the female form, with nude incense holders, soap dishes and dinner plates being just a selection of their offering. Timeless in aesthetic, their figures pay homage to Greek goddesses and their Instagram feed features the making process, references and cat photos.

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3. Frances Costelloe

A frequent independent brand collaborator, Frances Costelloe’s drawings have an ultra-feminine, often regal feel to them. A common theme is spring with tulips, sweet treats and shells appearing throughout much of her work. Bold colour pairings are softened by her whimsical lines across art prints and ceramic bowls.

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4. Frédéric Forest

Self-described as ‘skateboarding on paper’, Paris based Frédéric’s line drawings are free flowing depictions of intimate moments - from hand holding to motherhood. Self love appears to be a common theme with female bodies shown to be relaxing in the nude. Keeping mostly to a black and white colour palette, accent colours are brought in by Frédéric to help convey the message.

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5. Olivia Sewell

If Olivia Sewell’s line art reminds us of anything, it’s long hot summers. With her depiction of palm trees, sparkling wine and sardines, we’re transported somewhere heavenly. Her use of French slogans makes her work feel timeless and minimal colour palette means her prints will work in any room of the house.

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