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6 Ways to Keep Your Flowers Fresh for Longer

Make your cut flowers last longer at home with Bloom & Wild’s easy 6-step guide.

Our favourite way to bring summer inside is with a bouquet of fresh flowers artfully arranged in a statement vase. From cheerful daisies to pretty poppies, flowers are the easiest way to add some colour to your space - no floristry skills required. Keeping them alive for more than a few days? That's the tricky part.

Enter: Bloom & Wild, the original letterbox brand posting fresh flowers straight to your door. Whether you’re treating yourself to a seasonal subscription service or surprising loved ones with a day-making delivery, at-home flower arranging just became effortlessly easy.

We asked their team of experts how to keep cut flowers fresh at home for longer, whatever the weather. With their 6-step guide, you can wave goodbye to wilting stems, murky water and shedding petals - it’s healthy, happy blooms from here on out.

Keep Flowers Fresh in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Start with a clean vase. Make sure your vase is squeaky clean - any lingering bacteria can make your flowers wilt faster.

Step 2: Prune the leaves. Gently take off any leaves which will sit below the water. Submerged leaves will muck up your water more quickly.

Step 3: Trim your stems. Cut 2-3cm off each stem at an angle, and repeat every few days. This stops your stems ends getting hard, and stops them from sitting flat on the base.

Step 4: Change the water regularly. Just like us, flowers love clean water. Make sure you keep the water topped up, and when it looks dirty, change it.

Step 5: Keep them nice and cool. Direct sunlight, draughts, and even ripening fruit can make your flowers droopy. They're happiest somewhere cool.

Step 6: Get rid of any wilted flowers. Your flowers will naturally wilt at different times. Besides not looking as nice, wilting flowers can spread mould onto the others.

Keeping your fresh cut flowers alive is as simple as that. All that's left to do? Find the perfect vase... Trusted Site