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Perfect Your Tablescape in 4 Easy Steps

Tablescaping isn’t all fussy details and time-consuming curation. As stylist and supper club host Kirthanaa Naidu makes clear, it’s all about creating an inviting place for your loved ones to break bread and unwind. Below, read the foodie and stylist’s four key tips for creating a table your guests won’t forget.

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Step 1: In the Heights

"If you’re doing a traditional tea table, make sure that the cake stand isn't too tall. It can obstruct the eye line or conversational flow of your guests," says Kirthanaa. "Plus, it’s much nicer to look down at a pretty decorated cake. I also tend not to use huge vases - only bud vases, or bowls with flower frogs inside."

"If you want to create an elaborate flower arrangement, put it to the side of the table, not in between two people who are trying to speak to each other - remember, tablescapes are created to be used and enjoyed, not just photographed!”

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Step 2: Layer Up

“To add more depth to your table setting, layer up crockery and place your napkin in between your pieces," Kirthanaa notes. "It not only helps break up the colour of your ceramics, but it shows off your statement napkins and creates some interest for guests. Add another layer with a noteworthy placemat too."

"Don’t be afraid to play around with layers of prints, either - big and small checks paired together, for example. If it’s a different colour, tone or size, it always ends up working out.”

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Step 3: Flower Power

“I love buying flowers seasonally. I try to buy British flowers as much as possible, which is much easier to do in spring and summer. Chat to your local florist to learn about what’s in season, and combine a few special stems from them with a bunch of supermarket flowers to create an affordable but luxurious mix.

Everyone loves mimosa at this time of year as it’s so bright and fun. Yellow to me feels very spring fresh, signalling a change of weather. It doesn’t need much styling, either - you can just pop it in a jug with water.”

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Step 4: Moodboard Moments

“If you have time, it’s always useful to create a mood board. Combine pictures of the items you already have at home with screenshots of items you’re thinking of investing in to see how everything for your tablescape will come together.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match: establish your colour palette and then draw in items that compliment your main theme. My inspiration is mostly taken from the current season or the mood I’m in, so everything from the colours to the food and flowers is reflective of what I’m feeling at the time.”

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