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Corner of My Home: Aja Barber

Join activist and author Aja Barber as she shows us the most treasured space in her home.

Welcome to Corner of My Home, the series where friends of Trouva show us the most cherished part of their homes, from kitchen countertops to bathroom shelves.

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From collaborating with sustainable fashion label Lora Gene and releasing her critically-acclaimed debut book Consumed, through to her recent appointment as contributing editor at ELLE UK, Aja thoughtfully critiques consumer culture and exposes the injustices of the fashion industry.

Generously sharing her knowledge and insights with her 250k-strong Instagram following, Aja says, “I write about ethical fashion and try to encourage people to think about what and why we buy before we press “purchase”.

The corner of Aja’s home you’re most likely to find her in? “I am of the belief that reading makes you a better writer, so you can find me at least once a day in a chair snuggled up with a book. Sometimes I move over to the sofa with a mug of tea and my cat Olive who squeezes in next to me. In good years I read 100 books…in mediocre years, 50.”

“The bookcases in this corner were built in and when we moved here from a flat, we thought to ourselves, "Wow, it will take us ages to fill these shelves." It turned out we actually owned a lot more books than we thought - but I guess there's nothing wrong with that!”

“I’d describe my interiors style as colourful, creative and warm. I've had an idea of what I wanted my space to look like since I was in my teens. I love Scandinavian style and green spaces. I think bringing the outdoors inside is a crucial part of a good life, which is why we have so many plants. I'm also a sucker for mid-century modern furniture.

“I talk a lot about establishing what your idea of "enough" is, and I actually think where I live currently is close to a dream home. For me, enough is the space I have now. It's very open, with tonnes of natural light, windows and skylights, plus interesting design features and high ceilings. We're so happy in our space and I feel so incredibly lucky to live here. It's exactly what I've always wanted.”

You can follow Aja on Instagram and TikTok, subscribe to her Patreon here and visit her website here. Trusted Site