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10 Ways to Declutter Your Home

Dreaming of a decluttered house but struggling with home organisation? Our hacks have you covered.

Home organisation can be done without the need to get rid of anything that you already own.

Smart storage solutions and a little organisation will instantly make your home a tidy and relaxing space. From your kitchen to your kid’s rooms, our guide offers tips on how to find the right pieces that will make your home neat and tidy - clothes, kitchen and bathroom cabinets all included. Follow these ten steps, set aside 30 minutes per room and get your Marie Kondo on.

1. Fresh & Clean

To create a relaxing bathroom, a clutter-free space is essential. When it comes to storing bodycare, haircare and skincare, caddies are your best friend. If you have the space, opt for a free-standing unit with storage boxes in natural materials like rattan and jute that will hide spare toilet paper and cleaning products. For smaller bathrooms, an in-shower caddy keeps your shampoo and conditioner in order. Short on floor space? Fix a mirrored cabinet to the wall above the sink to store your toiletries, too.

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2. Colour Pops

Why settle for unsightly storage? Colourful crates are great for storing pretty much everything, from soft furnishings such as towels and spare bedding, to beauty products, WFH desk essentials, and kid’s toys. HAY, AYKASA and Liewood offer crates of varying sizes in an array of colours that can blend in or make a statement in any room.

3. Wardrobe Solutions

To organise your bedroom, start with your wardrobe. A good set of drawers goes a long way to hide clothing. Roll, rather than fold, each piece to save space, or invest in drawer dividers to keep T-shirts and underwear in place. A minimalist rail will help you to remember the pieces you have, preventing overpurchasing and keeping your favourite pieces in better condition.

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4. The Multi-Tasker

Think about how your furniture can act as storage - does your bed have a pull out compartment? If not, invest in some low containers to store items under the bed. A pouffe with a hidden storage compartment, or a wire storage basket with a lid that doubles up as a coffee table? Consider about how you can buy less but buy better so that you’re making the most out of your furniture and homewares, saving you money and maximising efficiency.

5. Retro Mania

If colour is your thing, Mustard Made creates functional retro-inspired lockers to store away your goods. In an array of sizes, they make perfect wardrobes, bedside tables, sideboards and more, making a statement in any room. Together with their pastel hangers and wire baskets, decluttering is made easy - and fun.

6. Too Many Cooks

Organising the kitchen makes meal preparation seamless, saving you time, and stops you from overbuying store cupboard essentials. Decluttering the heart of the home should start with storage jars. Keeping pantry items fresh and tucked away - avoiding the dreaded loose pieces of dried pasta messing up your cupboard space - they come in a host of styles, from sleek glass and cork to ‘60s inspired Orla Kiely ceramic jars. Limited surface space? Store cookbooks on wall shelves and stack small colourful crates in cupboards to group together spices and condiments, or to keep cleaning products contained under the sink.

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7. Basket Case

For those pieces you’re constantly tripping over, whether it's laundry or the kids’ (or dog’s) toys, Hachiman’s buckets and baskets are the perfect antidote. Store them neatly beside the sofa, behind the door, or in the bathroom, they can be as discrete or statement as you like. With neutral and bright colour ways, the storage bucket with a lid makes a great bedside table, too.

8. Shelf Life

City living isn’t always generous with space, so being smart with storage is part and parcel of maintaining tidiness. If floor space isn’t an option, think about fixing shelves and hanging pieces from the walls and ceiling. Wire baskets mounted on the wall on the wall can provide a sleek solution to storing books, bathroom toiletries and toys in the kids’ room.

9. Barely There

Minimalists, take note: cult Japanese brand Yamazaki provides a range of shelving, furniture, hangers and racks all designed with functionality and form in mind. Coming in neutral colours and clean utilitarian design, this is the barely-there, effortless approach to storage. Our favourite pieces? Side tables with magazine storage (goodbye tabletop clutter) and wall mounted shelving perfect for small kitchens.

10. Secret Stash

Waste not, want not. “Over 2 million tonnes of the food that goes to waste each year is still edible,” according to waste resources charity Wrap. Storing your leftovers has never been easier thanks to Stasher’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe silicone pouches. The eco-alternative to single-use plastic bags, store away unused chopped vegetables, meal remnants or tomorrow’s lunch in flat, moldable pouches that don’t take up all the space in the fridge. Trusted Site