Wallace Cotton

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About Wallace Cotton

Long-time textile aficionados Bill and Paula Wallace had spent years designing homewares for retailers in Australasia before deciding to launch their own range. Wallace Cotton was the result, and after achieving great success with their mail order service, the pair decided to open their own boutique. Their calming shop space can be found in Battersea, London, where customers can experience the brand's beautiful bed linen, clothing and soft furnishings in person.

From the founder

"Our product range of bed linen, homeware and sleepwear is unique to Wallace Cotton, as every piece is designed with love by ourselves and made to our strict quality and ethical standards."


Sustainable Style

Wallace Cotton is committed to minimising its environmental impact, part of which means creating products that are made to last rather than throwaway fashions. The durability of our fabrics and quality of our finishes means Wallace Cotton pieces will enhance your home for years to come. We select our partners very carefully for both their ethical standards and exceptional craftsmanship, and choose to work with highly skilled specialists in some of the oldest textile cities around the world. Our suppliers are all very passionate about Wallace Cotton and understand our style and quality standards. They realise our focus is on quality rather than quantity – less is more – and work with us to create limited quantites of our beautiful designs.