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Villa Madelief


About Villa Madelief

Founded by Maureen and her husband Arnaud, Villa Madelief is a shop with lots of beautiful things for your home (or for your girlfriend, sister, mother or neighbour!). From candlesticks to side tables and from tea towels to postcards: Villa Madelief stocks with authenticity and quality in mind, and all for a price that makes our customers very happy! At Villa Madelief, you'll discover that an original gift does not have to be expensive. So treat yourself to a beautiful home accessory!

From the founder

Villa Madelief exists to make every day a party! From a young age I was already instilled with an affinity for living and interior styling: the furniture in my room when I was child was never in the same place for long! Love, warmth and cosiness are the best ingredients to make your house a home. Villa Madelief wants to contribute to this with love!