Tracey Neuls

About Tracey Neuls

With over 40 collections to date, Neuls is an expert in her field. She was the first to pioneer many iconic footwear innovations. In particular, her leather covered heels; this is now often seen in the marketplace but it was Neuls who first achieved the craftsmanship of this sculptural and seamless silhouette. Her completely all-reflective sneaker called the “Geek” is a design classic, nominated for Designs of The Year by the London Design Museum where they quoted "Tracey Neuls designs beautiful shoes for an active life" Located on Redchurch Street in London, Tracey Neuls is a successful footwear boutique featuring a selection of relaxed styles, designed in house. Tracey has been designing shoes for over 17 years. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and often collaborates with other artists and designers. The boutique’s retail space is both interesting and immersive and shoes are hung from the ceiling to allow them to be viewed from all angles.

From the founder

"I want my designs to spark emotions in customers - memories, thoughts, challenges, desires. The world is full of autopilot shopping and mass market shoes, where emotions aren’t engaged. I have always played with this philosophy in my retail spaces. I really wanted to emphasise the sensory aspect of mind to toe shopping.” - Tracey Neuls