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About Tracey Neuls

Tracey Neuls is a Premium British brand designing shoes and accessories for women and men. Established in 2000, based in London. The London Design Museum quoted Neuls' footwear as “beautiful shoes for an active life.” For the past two decades, Tracey Neuls has continued to create with a truly original and distinctive signature. Favouring a more timeless approach to design, that is akin to art and crafted with care. A little passion goes a long way. It's important to know that all toe and heel shapes seen in the collections are originally sculpted in plasticine by Tracey Neuls herself, making every detail original to her brand. Refusing to use ready-made, off the factory shelf components is very rare and creates atelier quality.

From the founder

"I want my designs to spark emotions in customers - memories, thoughts, challenges, desires. The world is full of autopilot shopping and mass market shoes, where emotions aren’t engaged. I have always played with this philosophy in my retail spaces. I really wanted to emphasise the sensory aspect of mind to toe shopping.” - Tracey Neuls