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Textile Candy


About Textile Candy

Textile Candy, located by the seaside in Morecambe Bay, offers a colourfully curated range of design-led products sourced from independent artisans and social enterprises around the globe. Founder Becky Lois burns hand selects every item, carefully considering how each product has been made. With a strong ethical ethos the Textile Candy collection includes cruelty free bath & body products, handmade in the UK, alongside unique items from; Morocco, Malawi, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana and Kashmir. Textile Candy exists to help lift the veil on invisible makers- we want you to know who made your products, where and how. Our goal is to use retail for good; to promote independent brands leaving a positive impact on our planet and to celebrate the small businesses that are making a difference.


How it started

On an eye opening trip to Ghana in 2017, Becky met with local artisans to experience the traditional crafts of glass bead making and batik wax printing, skills that have been preserved and passed down through generations. The quality and artistry involved in the creation of these products left a lasting impression. Returning to the fast fashion industry after her experiences in Ghana, Becky quickly became frustrated with the retail industry. The lack of ethics, murky manufacturing chains and quantity over quality approach led her to leave Switzerland and her Senior Print design role to return to the UK where Textile Candy emerged. Trusted Site