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About Switch

SWITCH is a store locatedin Italy, in the centre of Florence city, in Oltrarno district. Our work is research and passion. Exclusive and quality brands are a point of reference for us. We strongly believe in what we do and in the concept of street boutiques becoming, over the years, a consolidated meeting point for people, artists and brand ambassadors. At SWITCH you have the opportunity to find a selection of brands from all over the world; brands that inspire us, dictating our way of being and our style. From our conception until today, we have had many changes, both in aesthetics and in identity: we began as a store dedicated almost in its entirety to the world of boards, surfing and skateboarding. While this element has remained, over time we've become more focused on quality research and specialisations. Today we can say that we are a point of reference and proposal, in men's and women's clothing. After the expansion of the store, we had the opportunity run unreservedly with our passions, creating a corner dedicated entirely to accessories, books, perfumes, candles, natural products and design objects.

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From the founder

I only knew that I wanted to create something that reflected my lifestyle and the values that were transmitted to me by the family. At the same time I was hoping it would be inspirational and identifying for people. Trusted Site