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About Season Cookshop

Located in North London, Season Cookshop is a specialist kitchenware boutique selling an array of high quality products. Passionate about cooking, the team thoroughly test their products to ensure that only the best range is on offer. They are able to give customers expert advice to help them find the right product for them and at the right price point, whether they’re searching for a new saucepan, something to make coffee with or a gift. Talking of coffee, one of the services our in-store experts provide is grinding while you wait of our wonderful coffee (our favourite is Monmouth), specifically for how you make it. We also sharpen knives, hire out cake tins... We're just very useful people to know if you like cooking or baking!

From the founder

The best part of my job is when I manage to get on the shop floor and talk to our customers. They're generally interested in food and/or good design, we usually have something in common, and they tend to be very nice. It's great to hear their likes, cooking experiences, and I have been known to produce pictures of my sourdough, much to the bemusement of our teams.