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Rose & Lee Interiors

About Rose & Lee Interiors

Where to begin with the story of, Rose & Lee. My father, an antiques dealer and being a true daddy’s girl I would spend all my spare time with him, in his dusty warehouse, at antiques fair camped up early in the morning or on the road in the summer holidays roaming across France and Italy looking for treasure. Then somewhere along the line I went to University and fell into the corporate world, and although fast paced and challenging I never felt like I quite fit in, I suspect the true Italian in me was longing for adventure and lunch hours that lasted three hours long and involved wine! As my mother in law was sadly battling with cancer something clicked in my mind and after years of not quite being happy with work the idea to go back to my roots and antiques in particular was burning brighter and brighter. It was not until we sadly lost Anne that life took a natural turn, I was made redundant and it was now or never Rose & Lee was born!

From the founder

I followed in my father’s footsteps and traveled all over the UK and Europe, driving the van with my brother through the night to get to antiques fairs or travel to Italy. We filled van after van on our trips and stood antique fair after antique fair in the rain, snow and sunshine. All the while soaking up all the lessons I could from my dad and making great friends along the way.

This boutique is currently on holiday until 10 November 2021. Orders will be processed after they return.