Nutmeg Gifts

About Nutmeg Gifts

Founded by Celine Woodfield, Nutmeg Gifts is an independent gift shop and aims to provide an eclectic mix of high-quality brands and locally sourced products. Our shop is stocked full of products from many big brand suppliers, and bespoke handmade gifts, jewellery, greetings cards, baby, birthday, wedding gifts, artworks and more.

From the founder

"Nutmeg Gifts has been built to deliver joy and love, we choose our products carefully, looking for brands that we can bring together to offer you what we feel is an eclectic mix of quality gifts that help you to express your feelings to whomever you choose."


My Journey To Nutmeg Gifts

I'm Celine, a mum to two wonderful children, Orlie (7) and Bea (3) and owner of Nutmeg Gifts. I also have Lola, my much loved Frenchie, often to be found in the shop, masquerading as Nutmeg's official head of biscuits! My journey to Nutmeg Gifts at 115 Lower Richmond Road in Putney started as a young girl. My parents used to let me ‘play shop’ and I had a little stall at the end of the garden where I'd sell obliging neighbours and visitors whatever 'delights' I had managed to get my mitts on that weekend. Fast-forward several years, a few market stalls, and a pop-up later. I finally realised my childhood dream of owning my very own shop in February 2019. You can't beat being independent, I personally source what you find in the shop and online. I aim to bring my fun sense of humour, the joy of motherhood, my love of doggies, and art to the unique combination of products you'll find today in the gift shop. These include jewellery, bags, scented candles, toiletries, cushions, art, toys, decorative items, home-wares and of course cards. Pop in for a mooch and pick-up a sweetie for yourself or a doggy treat for your four-legged friends. You'll be rewarded with friendly service, guaranteed smiles as well as a gift-wrapping service. I love being part of the local Putney community, and making people smile with my unique offerings is what I was born to do. I look forward to welcoming you soon! Celine x

This boutique is currently on holiday until 10 March 2020. Orders will be processed after they return.