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          Novel Concept Store

          About Novel Concept Store

          In the heart of Berlin Prenzlauer Berg the NOVeL concept store sets a mark with its pink letter lightbox logo. Tourists turn into visitors, who turn into customers, who then turn into friends. Friends of NOVeL believe in the concept of living a sustainable lifestyle and Anne-Kristin demonstrates with a careful eye, strong intuition and almost two decades of experience in all things fashion and design, that beautiful products and clothes can also be produced in fair conditions, locally and by hand. This is meant by the word slow when talking fashion retail. And a beautiful slow lifestyle is demonstrated at NOVeL every day.

          From the founder

          "At the beginning there is a love affair. I fall in love with a design, with colors or a form of a product. What follows is a process of building up a relationship with the designer, the producer or the owner who create the products. That relationship grows strong when my team and I live and breath all clothes and products that surround us in our store. We'd like to invite you to become our friend and try out some of the things we love."


          Following a path

          Anne-Kristin has been a fashion designer and label owner for all of her professional life. The label was founded during the first year of her studies out of the necessity to have beautiful, affordable clothes for her own and also to make some money here and there. The show room at their small production studio in Berlin Friedrichshain turned more and more into a store over the years. End of 2015 then everything new. A real store, a boutique in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. The basic structure remains with the production of the label MIO ANIMO still in the back. NOVeL was then established in 2017 with an ambition to over products that are beautiful and sustainable. Today the concept store has friends and fans all over Europe who come back, when they are in town or order online when they are away.