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About Love Kidswear

LOVE kidswear is a collection of stylish casual children’s clothing for boys and girls between the ages of 0 and 14 years. Established in Munich in September 2015, by fashion designer Franziska Bergmiller, LOVE kidswear is unique, high end clothing made from sustainable materials using ethical labor practices. In summer 2018 we launched a small womenswear collection, LOVE womenswear, which is since then part of the collections. The collections are made in Portugal under fair conditions and from a selection from organic as well as non-organic natural and sustainable fibres. In the LOVE kidswear & womenswear store you can also find a range of handcrafted porcelain with our handmade prints, carpets from Morocco, handmade Baskets from Senegal, Blankets from Portugal and soon Baseball Caps for women and kids.

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From the founder

A graduate of the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode, Franziska worked at Vivienne Westwood in London designing several "Red Label" collections for the Japanese market. Becoming a mother inspired her to create clothing that allows kids the freedom to move and parents a selection of well-designed quality clothing for their little ones. High-end fabrics in a fresh palette of desaturated colors and hand made prints distinguishes LOVE kidswear from other brands, as does the unpretentious attitude of the clothes; playful and carefree, just like the children who wear them. Trusted Site