Londonworks originally started its journey in 2002 in north London as Social store. It carried an eclectic selection of clothing and home products. It also supported up and coming local fashion designers, staged a few gigs, and organised countless art shows including some early Obey Giant/Shepard Fairey, Terratag and Pure Evil exhibitions. For 15 years it was home to the most exciting and current brands from across the world. However, Social store came to the end of the long-term lease and with it, the decision was made to move to a new location in Camden Town and turn the store into a full-on lifestyle project including a photography studio, a fashion agency, a coffee bar and an events space. The move also allowed the store to house their products in a new way and find a room for a different variety of fashion, footwear and accessories brands, so it reflects the creative and vibrant area of London where the store is now based.

From the founder

Retail these days is all about customer engagement, brand discovery and interaction. We are introducing new brands throughout the year and fresh products throughout the season to stay relevant, innovative and brand-engaged at all times. Retailers must embrace experimentation and encourage fresh thinking in their staff to be able to thrive in the future-looking and more sustainable fashion industry.