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About La Portegna

La Portegna is a beautiful boutique in Marylebone selling timeless travel accessories, bags and shoes handcrafted in Spain. Passionately inspired by their Iberian roots, they use high quality natural materials to create simple, practical and elegant products.

From the founder

“At my grandparent’s house there is a magnificent lion rug I have always admired. It was a gift from Ernest Hemingway. When I asked my grandmother how they met, she showed me a photo album of a boat trip between Plymouth and Bombay dated 1933, complete with a signed photo of Hemingway kneeling next to his kill on an African plain. It’s an incredible record of a time when travel was seen as a life experience rather than the quickest way from A to B. The album inspired us to create a collection of travel bags and accessories that recapture that spirit of adventurous travel.”