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About Juguear

Play, laugh and grow. This is the ethos behind the selection of wooden and educational toys in Juguear. You and your children will fall in love with the products in this store. Boasting established and original brands, Juguear aims to provide your children with toys that will aid their development and learning. Whether it is toys for toddlers that inspire free play or science experiments for older children, there is something for all ages!

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From the founder

I have always loved wooden toys; there is something enchanting about them. The touch, the smell, the design: they are captivating. I believe that in some senses they represent the authenticity of childhood. As an adult when you hold a wooden toy, for a moment, it takes you back to the days of being a kid.


How our story began

Everything changed in 2014 with the birth of my daughter Gala. It is amazing how the birth of your child can fill you with such energy, clarity and strength. Friends and family, who I love and truly appreciate, would buy toys for my daughter. However it made me realise that even though the gifts were thoughtful, kind and generous, I did not like what she was playing with. Buying a toy is not as simple as you might think. Playing is the most important activity for my daughter. It is through play that she understands the world, that she understands social and emotional values. It sculpts her thought processes and skills. Therefore I needed her to have ‘good toys’. Toys that she would enjoy playing with and would simultaneously expand her mind and help her to develop. So after much hard work my partner Roger and I opened Juguear in 2016. We still work tirelessly to make sure that we are providing toys that help children grow in a free and happy fashion. Trusted Site