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About House By Betty

After graduating with a degree in fashion design, founder Lauren decided to take on the challenge of opening her own boutique and follow her passion for interiors. With a desire to create a space for customers to discover and browse everything from hand-stitched Viennese rugs through to coffee beans, House by Betty is an emporium of homewares and household products. Following a childhood living with her grandparents, Lauren was inspired by their ethos for lifelong quality in product and strives to stock only the best, championing the traditional methods and makers.

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From the founder

"The little independent boutiques, creative hubs and coffee shops are run by people from so many different backgrounds, my favourite thing is getting to know these places and the wonderful people who have created them. We work to provide an exciting environment for customers in an innovating and contemporary retail space, inspired by the people in our community." Trusted Site