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About Five and Dime

Five And Dime was founded in 2017 by Fran and Craig with a mission to bring unique and beautiful design-led products from the best independent designers and brands from around the world. Inspired by their travels, city living, and creative backgrounds, they're keen to show that homewares and accessories are far from boring and accessible for all budgets. If they'd have it in their own home, it will be in Five And Dime. All of their product picks are meticulously found and showcased in a unique pink, black and neon concept store.

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From the founder

For us, it's about creating something different and inclusive that our customers will remember forever. From the unique look of the store to the products and the service, we want everyone to feel like they're a part of Five And Dime. Inspiring confidence and aspiration whilst never losing sight of what and who we are about. Trusted Site