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About Dröm Factöry

Dröm Factöry by Dröm Living is an interior design studio and concept store in Barcelona founded by two young designers, Laura and Mireia. Dröm Factöry plays host to a great variety of Scandinavian inspired products and industrial style decoration that will help you create warm spaces with a lot of personality.

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From the founder

Laura&Mireia. We believe in the happiness of the little comfortable things in life.


Live hygge. Live Dröm Factöry.

We believe in natural and warm materials. In the quality and functionality of objects. In the place where we live accompanies us beyond a practical sense and helps us to live and feel as we want. For us, design is perfect when it simply makes you happy. What really matters to us is to help you get spaces that make you smile, feel, relax and live. Trusted Site