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          Constance Concept Store


          About Constance Concept Store

          Always passionate about decoration and fashion, I really wanted to share my favorite brands and designers and especially to discover new ones. It was important to me to work both with major decoration brands but also with small local and French designers. What I also like a lot is looking for new objects, finding the latest trends in order to then offer them to my customers. It is also thanks to this that I have new products very regularly, which leads my customers to come back to the store often! Here you know everything! Don't forget to follow us: Instagram: Constance.TOURS Facebook: Constance Concept Store

          From the founder

          I am Marion, the manager of Constance. My husband, Vincent, is also my partner and Mustache, our adorable little dog, is also part of the adventure! She comes to the store every day, it's the mascot!


          Bienvenue à la boutique!

          It was at 30 that I decided to change my professional activity and open a concept store in Tours. I really wanted to have my own shop, a place that looks like me, cozy, where you feel at home.