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The Brownhouse Interiors

About The Brownhouse Interiors

We started the boutique as an extension to our existing interior design business in July 2019, we were always based in this area and were lucky to find the shop close by so as not to alienate our existing clients. We stock an eclectic mix of interiors accessories, lighting, furniture soft furnishings, home fragrance and more, we also run a special order service through the boutique sourcing products for clients and other interior designers alike. The aesthetic of our boutique and online shop is ever-changing as we are always on the lookout for new and exciting pieces to tempt our clients. If you are in London please come and see the boutique or shop our pieces here on Trouva.

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From the founder

I am an interior designer who has been operating in the South London area for many years. I have a naturally eclectic style and love to gather interesting pieces whenever I travel, this is the way I created my personal aesthetic at home, I like to call it well travelled luxury, I prefer to invest this into my projects but ultimately I create whatever style the clients want for themselves. My store is a testament to this and I constantly add interesting and unique pieces to keep it fresh and interesting.



After many years of seeing lovely shops in London come and go selling eclectic and interesting pieces I finally decided to create a space of my own to showcase my brand. Trusted Site