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      We started off this crazy thing in the year 1969, almost 50 years ago!! As you can imagine we've changed a lot through all these years and when I say a lot I mean A LOT!! However, there are some commonalities that remain unchanged from the first day that BNRD opened its doors. It's very tricky to define ourselves. The only thing we can say about us is that we've tried from the very beginning to offer a selection of products chosen with much affection and lots of passion. We like what we do and love what we sell and for us is an obligation trying hard to pass these passion and good vibe on you. In all this time we´ve been making thousands of mistakes and unfortunately, we'll keep on doing some trying to improve ourselves from each and every one of them! Our biggest challenge with this website is being able to transmit through the net this passion and good vibe... are we gonna make it? You bet we'll die trying it!!