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About Bellwoods

Bellwoods Lifestyle Store brings together a collection of Planet Friendly, Design-Led and Cool things for you, your home and your life. Bellwoods has been designed as a calm space filled with positive vibes. Each maker and item in the shop has a modern, well-made design with strong ethical credentials and selected to feel like it belongs next to the other. We are working to be plastic free and re-use everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We're pro-active in supporting our local community too, having raised money for a different charity each month since we opened.

From the founder

"I’m really passionate about supporting and shouting about independent designers. I want people to see the amazing work being made by someone’s own hands - and the creativity, time and effort it takes to make something truly unique and special, rather than a mass produced item made with no care and attention. The items chosen will last."