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      About A.D.Deertz

      With its striking illuminated facade, it's hard to miss Berlin clothing boutique A.D. Deertz. Owner Wibke's focus is on sustainability and individuality; she travels to all four corners of the world to seek inspiration, design new items, and carefully source wearable and durable fabrics that have been ethically produced.

      From the founder

      "My idea of smart consumption is to buy less and select well. Because of this, our focus is simple and individual classics made of high-quality fabrics with a beautiful feel."


      This is Wibke

      When she decided to open A.D. Deertz, Wibke was adamant that although it was a clothing boutique, it shouldn't be about fast fashion. Rather than mass producing her clothing, she keeps her designs in stock for as long as there is demand for the product, which enables her to adapt and respond fully to her customers' needs.