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Friends of Trouva: Laylo Wine

Last updated January 5

Date created August 5

Looking for your new favourite party season tipple? Meet award-winning boxed wine brand Laylo Wine.

Award-winning boxed wine brand Laylo Laylo was founded by two colleagues, Laura and Laura, who met while working together at a big-name wine company but felt that there could be a new way to enjoy the drink.

Catering to the contemporary wine drinker - those pressed for time and overwhelmed with choice - they built a boxed wine brand that would put paid to the half-empty bottles that turn sour in the fridge door and all those hangovers induced by polishing off the last drop to avoid waste.

A sustainable solution to glass bottles, Laylo creates boxes that stay fresh for longer, are designed to be gifted or proudly placed on kitchen countertops (no naff packaging here), without any compromise on taste.

Read on to meet your new party season staple…

Tell us about how Laylo began:

“Laura and Laura first met, and became great friends, while working for a well-known wine company. They saw first-hand that bottles don't work for how we drink wine today. After leaving the company, Laura messages Laura one day in 2020 with an idea for boxed wines BUT it just so happened Laura had already had the same idea, under both their noses the whole time. No one was yet making brilliant boxed wines, so they set out to source brilliant wines and create beautiful boxes you would feel proud to have out at home.”

Laylo’s boxed wines are loved by critics and casual drinkers alike - what’s so great about boxed over bottled?

“Boxes are the perfect solution if you enjoy the 'odd glass' but don't always want to open a bottle. Each 3-bottle equivalent box stays fresh for 6 weeks once open, so they’re perfect for that mid-week glass of wine.

The boxes are also a blank canvas to create beautiful designs, with each of our styles telling the story of our small-scale winemakers.”

Talk us through your bestselling wines:

If you are looking for easy-drinking wine then we would recommend our crowd-pleasing Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a firm favourite among Laylo customers - we have to keep bringing it back because everyone loves it! It has been described by Masterchef critic William Sitwell as 'a triumph!'”

What tips do you have for those intimidated by anything beyond a house wine?

We get that wine is overwhelming! The thing we have learned from being in the wine business is: there are no rules. If you love a Sauvignon with your beef...go for it. At Laylo we have a small, curated range of top-quality wines, and if they aren't to your taste, we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

And for those looking for something a little bolder?

For those looking for sophisticated, off-the-beaten track wines we would recommend our award-winning Portuguese Tinto de Estremoz and Austrian Grüner Veltliner. The Grüner is our favourite for the festive season thanks to its white pepper flavours... which is wine speak for crisp, bright and herbaceous. It pairs perfectly with cheeses and smoked salmon.

Or for a cosy night in front of the TV, our Merlot is a winner. It's delicious, easy to drink, plus it looks great next to your Christmas tree!

What's up next for Laylo?

Laylo's next step is launching in bars and restaurants in 2023. Boxes are the perfect way to reduce waste and carbon footprint! Watch this space… Trusted Site