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Brave Heart Silver Aquamarine Necklace

Designed by
Zoe and Morgan
    Zoe and Morgan  Brave Heart Silver Aquamarine NecklaceZoe and Morgan  Brave Heart Silver Aquamarine Necklace

The heart is a powerful and universal representation of love and emotion.

Brave Heart is a beautiful three dimensional textured piece that plays on the contrast of size and shape.

At the centre of our Brave Heart necklace features an eight-pointed star which is said to represent purity, strength and protection.

A reminder that a brave heart will find its own way, live its own truth and live humbled by its beautiful, gentle strength.

Metal: Consciously crafted in high quality 100% recycled 925 Sterling Silver.

Stone: Aquamarine

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Step into Zoe and Morgan's world to discover a treasure trove of truly one-of-a-kind finds. Specialising in extra special trinkets - think delicate gold bracelets, striking drop earrings, jewel-encrusted rings and more - this sibling-founded jewellery company began life around the family kitchen table in London. Taking inspiration from their father Douglas's goldsmithing background, Zoë, Morgan and Ruth came together after various artistic careers to rediscover a love of gemstones and jewelling. The brand has since branched out into men's collections and luxury engagement rings and boasts two beautifully curated stores - one in London's Primrose Hill and the other in Auckland, New Zealand. Whichever precious piece from this family jewellery brand catches your eye, we promise it's sure to garner endless compliments. 

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Length: 50cm

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Brave Heart Silver Aquamarine Necklace

Designed by
Zoe and Morgan
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