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Emma Tea Vacuum Jug

Designed by
    Stelton Emma Tea Vacuum Jug

The revolutionary vacuum tea jug, in lacquered stainless steel with a steel insert and inbuilt tea filter, sets new standards for brewing tea. A single twist closes the inbuilt smart filter, which stops the brewing process when the tea has reached the correct strength.

Measurements: W:14cm L:17cm H:19.5cm

Volume: 1000 Cm3

Weight: 1141 g

Material: Colored Steel

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Brand Stelton

Founded in 1960, Stelton is a Scandinavian-based brand renowned for their collection of sleek, functional and well-designed homewares. Most famous for their kitchenware designs including jugs, kettles, French presses and coffee pots, you’ll often find Stelton products on wedding lists and on the wish lists of first home owners. Shop our Stelton collection.

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Emma Tea Vacuum Jug

Designed by
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