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Rusty Brown Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover

Designed by
Shepherd of Sweden
    Shepherd of Sweden Rusty Brown Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover

A gorgeous new Rusty Brown sheepskin hot water bottle that would make a great present (or just lovely to keep you warm over the Winter!). Made in Europe still mainly by hand by Shepherd of Sweden using only top quality sheepskin. Shepherd of Sweden have been making quality sheepskin products since the 1980s. They work out of their own factories meaning they are able to ensure that everything is done in a socially responsible manner with absolutely no mulesing taking place on any of their farms. Please note that every sheep is different and so every hot water bottle cover will vary in texture and may not look exactly like the image. Every one is totally unique. Fits a standard size hot water bottle (see separate listing for quality rubber Fashy hot water bottle).

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Founded in 1982, Shepherd of Sweden use traditional crafting techniques to create timeless and authentic sheepskin-based products. These expertise are combined with their long-standing passion for the detail of Swedish design, and an appreciation for the materials that they work with, and realised throughout their range of slippers, shoes, home furnishings and accessories. Hand-crafting is a key element in their work; each slipper, for example, is made from a number of different treated sheepskin pieces, which are assembled mostly by hand. Shepherd of Sweden love sheepskin and wool for their unique properties – sheepskin possess natural antibacterial properties, keeps you warm in colder climes, and even feels cool when it’s hot.

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Width: 23cm


Length: 35cm

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Rusty Brown Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Cover

Designed by
Shepherd of Sweden
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