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Toiletpaper - Mirror Drill

Designed by
    Seletti Toiletpaper - Mirror Drill

When a dreamlike and surreal world is just a reflection away, there’s no room for any Narcissus! Halfway between a mirror and a painting, the Plastic Mirrors will open the door of the surreal world designed by TOILETPAPER


Design: Toiletaper

Material: Plastic & Glass

Size: cm 17,5 x 23

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Brand Seletti

One of Italy’s most beloved design exports, Seletti’s memorable and eclectic collection of furniture and homewares always makes a statement in any space, from its monkey lamp to its lipstick mirror. Blurring the lines between art and design, Seletti draws influence from different areas of culture, including the Pop Art movement, to create its quirky and irreverent products like its tongue-in-cheek ToiletPaper collection across plates, makeup bags, chairs and more.

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Toiletpaper - Mirror Drill

Designed by
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