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The Creative Block

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    Papersmiths The Creative BlockPapersmiths The Creative BlockPapersmiths The Creative BlockPapersmiths The Creative BlockPapersmiths The Creative BlockPapersmiths The Creative Block

The Creative Block features 300 sheets in a variety of twelve different creative prompts, designed to get your pen moving. --- We all know about creative block. Whether it’s caused by limiting beliefs, no inspo, an unexplained low, lack of space… Whatever the reason, it sucks. So how do you turn the tap back on? How do you get your ideas to flow again? How do you get back to that feeling of exhilarating creativity? The one where you’ve got it all at your fingertips. It’s in your hands. You’re a genius at work. But you’re staring at a blank page. And the tap is dry. In 2017, we designed a testing pad for our stores to encourage you guys to pick up our pens and get them moving. To get your draw on. To have some fun. Wordplay or pencil play. Pressure-free. No big deal. Since we made them, you’ve been asking to buy them. Everyday. Well, now you can. We call it The Creative Block. We got stuck on the name. ---- It's designed by us and printed by our buddies in Bristol. We've used an uncoated 100gsm Italian paper stock made with 80% recycled fibres and 20% ECF virgin fibers. It's FSC® certified, acid free, chlorine free, biodegradable, recyclable and, we hope you'll be pleased to hear, it comes without any unnecessary packaging. It's the first Papersmiths paper product and we're proud as punch. The twelve prompts are: Squiggle Room What's your favourite word? Still Life Bust-a-Rhyme Draw someone in the room Self Portrait Guest Book Confess This is where you draw the line Lonely Hearts Show your working Draw a Dog

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