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Ciotola Seppel 4DL

Designed by
    Marimekko ciotola Seppel  4dl Marimekko ciotola Seppel  4dl Marimekko ciotola Seppel  4dl

The Oiva bowl is made of white -resistant white stoneware, oven, microwave and freezer. Remove the adhesive from the lower part of the product before use. The sticker contains a small amount of metal. SPEPEL (Ghirlanda), designed by Ana Kekki, was inspired by the iconic Unikko of Maija Isola, in particular by the flowers of the flowers, which now bend in soft arches by overlapping each other, remembering the rings of the trees. The festive print seppel was created by combining curved shapes, cut out of paper in the characteristic style of Anches. The center of the flower is also used as a precious Gemma in the crown of the Ghirlanda of the 60th anniversary of UNIKKO.

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Brand Marimekko

It started with a dress. In the 1950s, Marimekko’s trail-blazing founder Armi Ratia created the brand’s very first pieces; a vividly printed range of liberating dresses that reflected her confident spirit. Contrary to the traditional attire of the time, Ratia’s designs embraced looser silhouettes, bold, colourful prints and a free-spirited sensibility made to empower women. This legacy still lives on today, and Marimekko’s eye-catching range of printed pieces now extends to accessories, homewares, ceramics and more. Each piece is expertly printed in the brand’s Helsinki printing factory and the Finnish company’s vibrant motifs are instantly recognisable – give a special friend or loved one a stylish surprise with a playful printed tote bag, chic mug or colourful set of notecards.

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Width: 13cm


Height: 5cm

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Ciotola Seppel 4DL

Designed by
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